Energy & Cost-Efficient Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

In the field of fuel cell-powered vehicles (FCEVs), lighter vehicles with longer range and more severe duty cycles (such as fuel cell taxis, coaches, vans, larger cars up to light duty vehicles) could lead the development due to the lower price sensitivity of their customers/buyers – compared to the truck or bus business – and the higher technology maturity. However, there are still major challenges to be overcome in the areas of energy and cost efficiency as well as durability to ultimately achieve correspondingly optimistic market penetration scenarios for FC passenger cars and light duty vehicles.

The ECO-FCEV project specifically addresses these challenges by reducing degradation and avoiding oversizing to increase energy efficiency as well as the lifetime of FC powertrains and reduce system- and vehicle-level costs in development, purchase, and use.


    This project is supported with funds from the Climate and Energy Fund and implemented in line with the “Zero Emission Mobility” programme.