Project Overview

Energy & Cost-Efficient Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

To further improve the economy and attractiveness of such FCEVs (fuel cell electric vehicles) compared to other vehicles for customers and thus to achieve an even faster market penetration of these environmentally friendly means of transport, further significant improvements are necessary. This concerns not least the following key parameters in the passenger car and light commercial vehicle sectors, which are of eminent importance for the strong R&D supply and engineering services industry in Austria:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Durability

Significant progress for FC vehicles can be expected here, not least through an improved understanding of degradation mechanisms and the correct dimensioning/sizing of components and systems as well as the reduction of system complexity, which will then provide the basis for improved energy management and operating strategies, “rightsizing” at the overall system level, and a more durable FC vehicle.

To this end, from Feb-2023 to Jan-2026, ECO-FCEV will particularly research and develop advanced sensors and components, improved water management for optimum humidification, an open multi-functional modular test system (to efficiently transfer results from lab/test system to vehicle), “right-sizing“ strategies for FC components and systems for technical and economic optimization, to eventually improve energy management and operating strategies on FC powertrain and vehicle level, demonstrated via whole vehicle system simulation.